The Journey3 Pipe -- Best pipe for the price!

Smokers who want a convenient pipe to take on the go could do no better than the Journey3 pipe, which eschews extraneous gadgets and gizmos in favor of clean, well thought-out design. It’s simply a smarter smoke.

The pipe comes in three pieces, held to form by means of rare earth magnets which keep the Journey3 solidly together, but take no special effort to separate. The bottom two pieces fit together like matching spoons, creating a filter-like curved air pathway which encourages smoke to cool on its way to the user’s lips. The top piece forms a tight lid over the bowl when not in use but can easily rotate out of the way for smoking; snapping the lid back in place after finishing a hit can be an effective way to cut down on second-hand smoke. The dependable lid also works well for smokers who want to pack their bowl at home and enjoy it while out; even after a test hike through the steep Berkeley hills, the Journey3 maintained its pack without spilling.

The pipe’s intelligent design makes it remarkably easy to clean: just disassemble and wipe down with an alcohol swab or olive oil (a damp paper towel will also work in a pinch.)

The durability, portability and thoughtful design of the Journey3 make it the best portable pipe in its price range, hands down.