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Loading the Bowl 

  • Open the bowl by pressing against the right or left side of the lid until it rotates into the open position with a click.
  • Load the smoking material and press it down below the top edge of the bowl. This will prevent interference when opening and closing the lid.
  • When not smoking, close the lid by rotating it back to the closed position until you hear it click.

Lighting the Material

  • When using a windproof lighter, light it away from the bowl and then direct the flame into the bowl. Igniting a windproof lighter directly above the bowl may blow material out of the bowl.
  • Keep fingers away from bowl while lighting.
  • If the lighter hits the silicone, it’s no problem. The silicone can take a brief hit from the lighter without damage. If you hold the flame on the silicone long enough to burn it, it will leave a slight mark, but the pipe will still function perfectly


  • Journey pipes are so simple and make smoking more pleasurable. The snap-action lid lets you close the bowl and snuff the material as often as you like. Closing the lid also protects your material from spills.
  • If you want to puff on the pipe intermittently without closing it, you might try rotating the lid until it’s mostly closed, but not completely. This will keep the material burning between puffs, but also protect it from wind and from most accidental spills.
  • If you take frequent puffs, you can even try smoking it with the lid closed. Each intake brings just enough air to keep it going for a little while.  


  • For best results, don’t fill the dip more than about half full.
  • Hit the steel outside the dip with a windproof lighter while inhaling.
  • Per the instructions, don’t heat the pipe more than 4 seconds when using a windproof lighter.


  • Clean the pipe once every 4 bowlfuls to keep the filter from clogging and prevent tar from building up inside the pipe.
  • Open and remove the lid. Tap or scrape out the ashes. Clean with an alcohol wipe. Snap it back together. In a hurry? Just scrape out the tar and ashes and continue smoking.
  • To insure proper lid function, clean the rotation indexing dips in the lid once in a while.