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Our latest review from a satisfied user

Here's our latest review from an independent user -- Eduardo Sierra.  Thanks, Ed, for your unbiased review!

First thing that I noticed and really like is that I can close the lid BETWEEN PUFFS so that I don’t waste anything! That alone is worth the price of the pipe! IOW it quickly “earns” back whatever it cost the buyer through savings! Very considerate!
Also I really like the feel of the pipe, the rounded end fits perfectly cupped in my hand with the end sticking out, at ready. Also, it’s very handy that the flap serves to hold the pipe. Then you can quickly close it between puffs. It waits patiently, however short or long a time, till you’re ready for the next one. 
Incidentally that strong little magnet inside the pipe draws the lighter to its side so that, with one hand, you can pick up both of them. Cute!