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Differences between the Journey3 and Journey4 Pipe

We've had a lot of questions from visitors to our site asking, "What's the difference between the Journey3 and Journey4 pipes?" 

Here is a comparison chart your consideration:
Journey3                                                        Journey4
Die Cast zinc and steel alloy with              Stamped stainless steel with FDA-Approved
nickel electroplating                                    silicone overmolding.
Weight: 5 ounces                                        Weight: 2 1/2 ounces
Comes with pocket case                            Comes with air-tight poly bag
Patented "Filter Gap" Technology             Patented "Filter Gap" Technology
Colors: Silver, Black, Shiny Rose Gold    Colors: Black, Dark Red
Smoke only                                                  Smoke and occasional vape
Elegant Looking                                          Sporty Looking
Price: $39.99 $38.99 (On AMZN)                Price: $34.99
Easy to clean                                               Easy to clean